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The graduation ceremony itself, beside being the fairly boring rite of passage that it naturally was, also marked the apex of the siblings' day of suppressed desires and surreptitious pleasures. In the middle of the valedictorian's speech, while they stood side by side on stage among their classmates in front of an auditorium crowded with parents and relatives, Michelle lightly elbowed Tyler, just enough to call his attention and have him lean closer to her. As his sister whispered into his ear in a giggly tone that she had just rubbed one off right there with her hand hidden underneath her graduation gown, Tyler let out a grudging sigh and stared straight ahead, his jaw tightening and his imprisoned horsecock rearing to burst out of his pants. Only meeting the proud yet moved gaze of their beaming mother managed to distract Tyler from the insane surge of arousal boiling up inside him, while Michelle's soft chuckles by his side reminded him that at least she was having some fun.

Eventually, after they received their diplomas, after the collective cheering and friendly hugging and random chatting, after a few uncharacteristic tears shining in Ellie's eyes as she squeezed them tight to her voluptuous, elegantly dressed frame, after driving back home to spend some more time with their mom before they had to leave for their graduation party, finally Michelle and Tyler were given a chance to let their mutual passion run free. Not trusting themselves to actually manage to keep silent while sneaking an anal quickie even after Ellie retreated into her home office to make some calls and catch up with work stuff, the siblings chose to get changed as fast as possible, rush outside into the balmy evening, jump in the car and drive off. Rather than head straight to Gabby's party though, Tyler made a strategic detour to a quiet side road just out of town, so that he and Michelle could have some much needed privacy.

Even as Tyler drove, Michelle undid his pants and freed his throbbing monstercock, instantly plunging her face down on his lap as soon as his aching boner sprang out. Mewling wantonly, Michelle was quick to part her hungry lips and wrap them greedily around Tyler's huge glans, taking his girthy dickmeat deep into her mouth and starting to suck away with gusto. By the time Tyler got to a nice secluded spot and killed the engine, his sister's head was bobbing furiously on his massive erection, her soft warm lips gliding wetly up and down his pole as a symphony of her sloppy dick-gobbling sounds and his own grunts of pleasure filled the car. Backed up and hyper horny as he was, Tyler couldn't resist Michelle's intense, loving blowjob for long, especially not after she shifted into a kneeling position on the passenger's seat, with her glorious bubble-butt tilted up in the air, wiggling enticingly side to side. As Michelle kept noisily fucking her own mouth on his veiny truncheon with long, vacuuming deep-throat plunges, Tyler possessively grabbed onto her upturned booty and hiked up her ass-hugging mini skirt, revealing her voluptuous buttcheeks in all their plump, naked glory. Groaning and pawing away at his sister's big meaty globes, Tyler pulled down her thong and began playing with her buttplug, causing Michelle to squeal around his fat sausage as her passionate blowjob got even more deliciously aggressive.

Unavoidably, mere moments after he started to twirl and pump the ass-jamming toy inside Michelle's lovely little bootyhole, Tyler found himself panting and throwing back his head as his thunderous erection throbbed powerfully, ready to explode inside his sister's talented mouth. Sinking his fingers into the fleshy plumpness of her big juicy asscheeks, he mumbled deliriously: "Fuck, yeaahh! I'm gonna cum, Mimi, I'm gonna... Cuuuum!"

While Tyler howled in ecstasy, Michelle went from moaning around his cock and sucking him off for all she was worth to holding still with his enormous dong crammed inside her oral cavity, mewling out in indecent delight as the first mighty blast of cum surged into her eager mouth, soon followed by more and more huge geyser-like spurts that quickly inundated her gullet with thick brotherly seed. High on the heady taste of Tyler's sperm and thrilled by her own cocksucking frenzy, Michelle held Tyler's erupting schlong lodged deep in her warm, cum-flooded throat while she eagerly swallowed down his torrential load one big creamy gulp at a time, savoring his liquid essence with lewd yet sincere joy. In truth, every dense mouthful Michelle guzzled down made her whole petite curvy frame shiver with pleasure, her pussy copiously dripping with sweet nectar as her horny asshole twitched crazily around the buttplug.

Michelle had barely finished swallowing the final intoxicating blasts of her brother's tummy-filling ejaculation and thick pearly globs of semen were trickling from the corners of her cum-glossy lips when she suddenly raised her head up from Tyler's lap and turned up to look him in the eyes. A glinting rope of mixed sperm and spittle connected his still rock-hard pole and her gorgeous mouth while Michelle smiled broadly and hummed in delight, the flavor of her brother's semen saturating her taste buds and making her head spin with arousal. Her luminous green eyes were alight with desire, matching the flaming buttlust glinting in Tyler's gaze, as Michelle huskily spoke.

"Oh my god, Ty, I just love drinking your cum! And you came so fucking much, it was awesome! You've got to fuck me now, Ty," Michelle demanded, her words ringing so wantonly urgent that they made Tyler's unyielding boner flex with increased excitement. "I need you in my ass right now."

"I'll fuck your ass alright, Mimi. In a second though. First things first..." Tyler grinned as he easily lifted and turned his voluptuous little sis's petite form, making her squeak with surprised joy as he maneuvered her on top of him in what was meant to be a sixty-nine position but for the time being only turned her upside down. Reaching between Michelle's sumptuous asscheeks and slowly sliding the buttplug out of her anus, thus making her purr and bite her lips as she smiled with naughty anticipation over the popping sound of the tapered toy exiting her clingy sphincter, Tyler lustfully instructed: "Sit on my face, Mimi. I haven't eaten your sweet butthole all day, I feel like I'm in withdrawal or something!"

Giggling and shivering with horniness, utterly unable to turn down an offer to get her ass eaten by her beloved big brother, Michelle removed her panties and settled herself properly on top of Tyler while he reclined his seat all the way back and laid down, so that they were in as comfortable a sixty-nine position as the limited space of the car allowed. Not that comfort was the siblings' priority at the moment, at all.

The instant Michelle's magnificent bubble-butt was placed right on his face, with her dripping little pussy glinting with nectar and her irresistible pink bootyhole offered to him oh so invitingly after a whole day of deprivation, Tyler immediately buried his head between his sister's round bouncy asscheeks and started munching away on her juicy slit and dick-starved anus like his life depended on it. Having been stretched out by the buttplug until moments earlier, Michelle's adorable winking rosebud remain slightly dilated, making it easy for Tyler to wiggle his tongue all the way into her delicate orifice in one wet butt-probing stroke.

"Oowwhh! Uuhh god, yeeess, Tyyy! Oohh fuck yeahhh!" Michelle wailed as her brother devoured her asshole and pussy in turn with equal thirst, alternating between lewd tongue-fucking assaults on her sphincter and rabid, nectar-slurping French kisses on her dribbling snatch.

Incapacitated by the jolts of pleasure that Tyler's oral attentions on her holes were causing yet still hungry for his massive dickmeat, Michelle crammed her brother's veiny horsecock back into her mouth again and wrapped both her delicate hands around its thick base, stroking his veiny rod as she slurped on the swollen purple glans and a couple of broad inches of his shaft. Dizzy with delight and obscenely happy to be suckling an unending stream of precum from Tyler's spongy tip, Michelle kept letting out louder and wetter dick-muffled moans by the second as she nursed and slobbered on Tyler's enormous dong like it was a huge meaty lollipop, her pleasure all the while building up higher and higher thanks to the licking, slurping and munching storm of oral attentions he was lavishing on both her delicious holes.

"Mmmhh... Mmmpffhh... Mmhhmmpph!" Michelle finally screamed mutedly around Tyler's schlong when her orgasm detonated, her saliva-drooling mouth obscenely stuffed with her brother's fat sausage while her pussy gushed rivulets of girlcum all over his face and her tiny pink hineyhole pulsated wildly around his ass-prodding tongue.

Egged on by his sister's climax and by the fruity flavor of the edible lube she had clearly used to grease herself up before jamming the buttplug up her ass, Tyler would have gladly continued to rim and smooch and lick away at Michelle's bootyhole and lap up every last dribble of the nectar that leaked from her pussy, but she obviously had other plans. Crazed with lust and still twitching from her toe-curling orgasm, Michelle wiggled her big juicy rump, displacing her brother's face from her cushiony ass-cleavage, and rapidly turned around until she was straddling him. Leaning down so that her big pillowy boobs were almost spilling out from the deep neckline of her top and the soft upper slopes of her rack brushed against his face, Michelle quickly reached back to grab Tyler's massively hard, spittle-slippery boner and guided it urgently to the hot, needy opening of her anus.

The siblings locked eyes as Tyler's fat mushroom tip made contact with the tender, gummy rim of Michelle's twitching butt-ring, the pulsations of her needy anus increasing even more as his large precum-leaking glans poked at her slightly open backdoor. Planting his hands on his sister's fabulously plump asscheeks and spreading them wide apart to facilitate her while she aligned his humongous truncheon with her tiny orifice, Tyler watched raptly as Michelle panted, bit her lips and rocked her ample booty into position before determinedly sitting down on his boner, forcing his bulbous cockhead to slip into her insatiable orifice.

"Ooowwwh fuuuck! Oohh Tyyy... Uungghh finally, yeeeeess!" Michelle whimpered huskily as her pink saliva-slick sphincter blossomed open and engulfed his fleshy glans inside her tight little asshole at the first urgent attempt, bringing a sinfully blissful smile to her lips.

Under her brother's adoring stare, as her eyelids fluttered closed and her panting mouth went slack from the sheer roaring pleasure of having her tiny bootyhole stretched out and filled to the limit by his monstercock, Michelle slowly but surely lowered her plump bubble-butt all the way down on Tyler's schlong in one single fluid, breathtakingly intense plunge, refusing to stop her self-impaling descent until her dilated asshole was wrapped tautly around the broad base of his dong and nothing but his beefy balls remained outside of her greedy little anus.

"Holy shit, Mimi! Oohh my god, I needed this so fucking much!" Tyler growled with relief as his sister's velvety smooth anal walls rippled and contracted potently around his fully buried truncheon, massaging him within their cozy warmth as her rectum molded around his thick, butt-cramming pole once more. "Fuck, Mimi, your ass is amazing! So fucking tight..."

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"Uuhngghh Ty! Oooh I love this! I need thiiis!" Mimi squealed in reply as she started initially rocking her dick-jammed bubble-butt for a few ass-adjusting moments before seamlessly shifting into an urgent up and down cock-riding tempo. "Oowhh fuck you're so big in my ass, Ty! Sooo deep inside meee... Uuhhh... So fucking good!"

Eager to compensate for the relatively short but still barely manageable anal abstinence they had suffered that day, Michelle and Tyler dispensed with any hint of subtlety or finesse in that spontaneous, stress-relieving assfuck. After working her ample rump up and down on his massive pole for a couple of long and deep ass-stretching passes, confident that her steamy chute had reshaped itself nicely around her brother's impressive sausage, Michelle arched her back and pushed her smooth jutting cleavage right into Tyler's face as she began bouncing away on his rump-skewering cock, setting a reckless rhythm right away.

As horny as she was if not even more, Tyler growled into the upper slopes of his sister's soft shirt-stretching boobs and met Michelle's greedy dick-engulfing bounces with forceful upwards thrusts of his spit-lubed boner, matching her self-skewering motions with the wild bucking of his hips. The sounds of the siblings' panting and moaning, along with the fleshy impacts of Tyler's thighs slamming into Michelle's round jiggly buttcheeks over and over again, got louder and more urgent by the second, testifying to the savage desire fueling their long-delayed sodomy. While his enormous schlong pistoned relentlessly in and out of her warm, welcoming anal sheath and the slick clingy ring of her butthole slid fluidly up and down along his throbbing truncheon, Michelle and Tyler kept their gazes locked together, staring straight into each other's lust-inflamed eyes to feeding off the vivid love and passion they saw in them.

Trembling all over and deliciously wracked by incessant surges of pre-orgasmic ass-centric wavelets of mind-melting anal bliss, Michelle soon grew less and less able to maintain her reckless bouncing rhythm the closer she got to her rapidly building climax. Leaning down closer to Tyler as his rump-pawing hands squeezed harder on her big soft asscheeks and his booty-ramming upstrokes increased even more in depth and power and speed, Michelle pressed her gorgeous lips to Tyler's mouth and kissed him furiously, instantly getting kissed back with equal intensity. Soon enough, as his sphincter-reaming horsecock kept delving hard and fast into the deepest, tightest depths of her steamy rectum, Michelle became so incapacitated by the rumbling jolts of delight radiating from her dick-stuffed anus that she was reduced to lying on top of her brother's strong body, making out breathlessly with him as she just rocked her bouncy booty up and down a bit while in fact letting Tyler's strong boner have its way with her docile, cock-starved hineyhole.

Madly horny and overwhelmed as always by the indescribable, ever-stupefying sensation of fucking his adored little sis's epic ass, moaning mutedly into her lovingly smooching lips as he crammed her rippling chute full to the limit with thrust upon might thrust of his fat dong, Tyler only managed to keep up his furious butt-ramming pace for a few savagely erotic minutes before he had to capitulate before the heavenly mix of velvety soft coziness, slippery warmth and incomparable suctioning tightness of Michelle's lovely asshole. As constant trickles of her sweet juices kept gushing against his crotch and ever stronger dick-massaging squeezes coursed through her smooth anal walls, Tyler finally let out a kiss-muffled grunt, gave one last forceful balls-deep butt-wrecking thrust and came like a fire hydrant deep inside Michelle's butthole, hosing her buttery bowels with another prodigious load of his surging cum.

The warm ass-flooding feel of her brother's overabundant seed spraying impossibly deep inside her rectum was more than enough to set ablaze all the sizzling jolts of pleasure already rippling inside Michelle's narrow anal tunnel, triggering the kind of thundering assgasm that she had come to associate with being full of Tyler's cock and cum, a feeling so unique and potent that she now craved it above all other physical sensations. As she mewled deliriously into her brother's mouth, with her engorged nectar-slick clit rubbing against his pubic bone and her sperm-plastered chute spasming with wanton joy around his powerfully ejaculating horsecock, Michelle happily succumbed to her fabulous climax. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her whole curvy little body trembled like a leaf as she finally felt complete again for the first time that day since she had taken Tyler inside her ass and rode him to climax upon wakening alongside him many hours previous.

Locked in a wild soulkiss, the siblings moaned and panted into each other's mouth all through their intertwined orgasms, Michelle's pulsating dick-stuffed rectum all the while lewdly sucking more and more spurts of dense cum from her brother's fat veiny boner. The deep, cock-wringing squeezes that his sister's anal walls imparted on his throbbing truncheon and the steamy snugness of her narrow, still orgasming rectum prolonged Tyler's pleasure in turn, making his already abundant ejaculation even more prodigiously ass-flooding than usual.

By the time his overswollen sausage finally stopped pumping milky seed deep inside Michelle's tautly overstretched bootyhole and the orgasmic contractions of her anus began abating, Tyler was so perfectly satisfied and drained of cum that he smiled goofily and exhaled in beatific satisfaction even as he kept lovingly smooching his sister's soft lips and caressing her big juicy buttcheeks. Overjoyed herself to have her brother's monstercock buried from tip to root up her ass once more as his potent cum sloshed in the deepest depths of her rectum, Michelle giggled through a few more languid kisses before she raised her head and broke that long, passionate make out session.

"Mmh, Ty..." Michelle exhaled as she sat up straight on her brother's lap, beaming with joy as she tucked a few long strands of her light brown hair behind her ears. "That really hit the spot! Oh my god, I needed it so bad."

"Same here, Mimi," Tyler replied with a grin as he basked in the tender, seed-slick post-orgasmic caresses that still coursed through his sister's thoroughly fucked butthole and made her snug rectum feel like the most perfect sheath for his cock ever. "And let's not forget that I didn't get to cum every five minutes or so like you did all day. I was seriously about to go crazy, for real. But now that I'm balls-deep in your ass, everything's okay again!"

Chuckling at that weirdly appropriate observation, Michelle exhaled: "Can you get me the buttplug, Ty? You came so much, and I don't wanna lose even one drop when you pull out."

"I don't have to pull out, you know..." Tyler replied, raising his eyebrows suggestively even as he grabbed the plastic toy from the passenger's seat and handed it to his sister, adding only half-jokingly: "We can forget about the party and stay here if you want. I wouldn't mind."

Locking gazes with him, Michelle bit her lips as she seriously considered her brother's very tempting offer. After a long moment though, she scrunched her cute little face in an expression of reluctant refusal and sighed: "Nah, we should probably go... Grad parties are a rite of passage too, kinda. We might as well do it right all the way, right?"

"Yeah, I guess," Tyler nodded, groaning moments later as Michelle lifted her epic bubble-butt from his lap, causing inch after meaty inch of his chubby schlong to slide out of her seed-flooded anus.

Michelle too mewled in dissatisfaction as she kept raising her booty up, depriving herself of Tyler's ass-jamming dong. Stopping when just his fat purple cockhead was still tucked within the soft yet needy grip of her sphincter, Michelle brought her hand back and guided the buttplug into place before lifting herself up a bit more, causing Tyler's glans to pop out of her gaping bootyhole with a wet squelching sound that was almost lost among her own and her brother's final moans. Deftly slipping the buttplug into place inside her well-pounded asshole to trap Tyler's precious seed in her anal passage before it could start bubbling out, Michelle flashed her brother an impish smile before she spoke in a playful, self-satisfied tone.

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